Which cpu cooler is best?

zalman cnps 9900max- looks cool because it lights up, and it is smaller and won't cover any RAM slots

NZXT Havik- Would match my case and may provide extra cooling.

My rig
Case- Switch 810
CPU- amd fx 8320
Motherboard- M5a97 LE 2.0
RAM- 8 gb of vengeance ram
GPU- gtx 770 4gb with acx cooling
PSU- corsair cx600w
HDD- Sandisk 0.5 TB
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  1. Storage222 said:
    The NH-D14 is known for being one of the best coolers your money can buy. It's one of the quietest CPU coolers out there. Here's a review for it.


    My budget is under 50
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