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I am upgrading my 6 year old computer due to how slow it is and its dire need of improvement and I've narrowed my choice of gpu's to these two graphics cards, after a lot of research ( i am pretty new to this ) and a quite a few queries and questions asked on this forum. i am mainly focused on the newly released Geforce GTX 750 (non ti) and the Radeon HD 7770. i dont want an overpowering card because i only want to play last generation games mainly as i have a ps4 already which i want to play next gen games on. for this reason id like the gpu i choose to be a little less capable than my ps4 or matching it. can anybody advise me on the best buy out of the two?

These are my soon to be specs:

AMD FX 6300 Processor
AS Rock 970 Extreme3 Motherboard
Patriot Viper 3 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory
HD 7770/ Geforce GTX 750

everything else is fine and isn't in need of an upgrade.
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  2. The radeon hd 7770 is slighty cheaper and all last gen games are playable on it. so I would opt for the r7770
  3. oh thats great! i dont know how i missed that article actually! so do you think this card will be just as efficient or just less than efficient as the ps4?
  4. yeah thats a good point thank you, but i think theres like a 10 pound difference so i may just go for the gtx 750
  5. tbh i have no idea! But the ps4 will run the next gen games better than the r7770 as the games are optimized to perform well on the ps4. Whereas the 7770 is a entry level card and cannot get that kind of perfromance.
  6. yeah thats a good point dude, so do you think that will be the same with the 750? btw thanks for the comments guys, instant awesome suggestions :D
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