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Hello, I'm not sure if it is normal to have a slight amount of stuttering when playing Wow, I'm playing on my gaming laptop with a gtx 770m and average around 70-80 fps playing on max settings, It happens pretty randomly even when not in combat and fraps doesn't seem to pick up on it, it's not really gamebreaking since it only lasts for a split second, but is annoying since I bought this laptop to have a beast gaming experience and it kinda annoys me.

Does anyone else notice this while playing wow, is this normal, or is there something going on that anyone could give me suggestions on how to fix?
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  1. What is your net connection like, go to and test out your speeds.

  2. I get around 10 mbits d/l and 4mbits u/l,
  3. Drivers up to date?
  4. Just updated my gtx to the latest drivers yesterday, is there any others that could be the problem?
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    Yes, you'll want to update all your drivers for your laptop from the main site or part by part if necessary.
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