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I'm getting a Samsung 840evo 120gb ssd I think , I've been reading some reviews and it comes alone.

So I'm wondering if I need to get screws or if my case comes with some ... ? I have a nzxt phantom 410. So I don't need a mounting bracket.
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    Fromt he specs you should be all set.
    Screw-less 5.25" and HDD trays that secures 2.5" SSD
  2. What really ? So is this unnecessary then ? 3:55
  3. Ah checked the manual. The case comes with m3*5 2.5 hard drive installation ( guessing that's ssd )
  4. Jump to 13:00 for a video of how to install it.
  5. Cool thanks. If I have a optical drive, hdd, and ssd will I need to buy more Sata cables or will my mb/psu have enough ? I have a antec hcg 750w
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