Programs keep getting alt tabbed, for no reason

Everytime I'm doing something on the computer it gets put into the background. So i need to click on the thing i was using to resume what i was doing again. It doesn't get minimized but i can't type or click or move in a game until i click on it again which is very annoying. . Anyone know how i can fix this? Nothing gets closed but if i'm trying to type something in for ie. the address bar to search something up i would be typing something and all of sudden it would stop letting me type until i click back on the web browser again. It seems like it's putting the typing focus on something else so i'm typing on the desktop instead of there which on the desktop does nothing. Sometimes there will also be a loading sign on my cursor before it happens. Thanks in advance. Please help!
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  1. Could be lots of crazy things. Any chance your Alt key or Tab key or Left Mouse Click are getting stuck?

    Can you find any chain of events that are common when it happens?

    It might be a Windows Sticky Keys issue. Do you know what those are? I don't remember how to turn them off, but Google it and see if that might be it.
  2. Oh i just came across a conclusion that maybe it's my avast(anti virus) that keeps on trying to start up but something is preventing it...which also explains the loading sign that shows beside my cursor. However now that i'm try to delete it, it says trying to stop service: avast antivirus. So how can i stop this?
  3. If Avast is acting up, you might want to uninstall and then reinstall it.
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    You stop the service by going into task manager, clicking on the services tab, right click on the name of the sevice and choose stop service.

    I agree with the previous poster that it may be better to uninstall and then reinstall.
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