looking for a good PSU at a good price specs listed

I have a asus p5qlvm epu motherboard
2.66 xeon qudcore 3350 processor
at the moment only 3 gb of ram ocz(might upgrade in the future)
Geforce gtx 260 graphics card (might upgrade but it does the job pretty well)
2 hard drives cannot at the moment remember the specs on them. (might add a third) but they are sata drives
2 120mm fans will be purchasing a third

i looked at a couple of calculator saying i should run around 600 w

i just havent been able to decide on what to get their are so many choices on power supplies i want reliability at a affordable cost that wont catch on fire or fry my system.
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  1. also the reason why I am currently looking is the psu i currently have not sure on the brand cannot remember has been causing random shutdowns and i have to wait atleast 30 mins before i can boot again
  2. also is artic 5 silver worth the price my buddy was asking me the other day i think its great but he seems to be cheap when he tries to do things.
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