Need help with buying a new GPU

Ok so first things first, heres my PC

So I am upgrading my GPU from the AMD Radeon 6670 to this AMD Radeon R7 260X

The part that I need help with is whether I can do it or not, obviously I know that it can be done but are there any other parts that I would need to add this R7 260X to my PC? I have heard that I may need a new power supply for some reason or another and if so would you guys be able to recommend any specific ones for me because I know very little about this topic

PS - heres my current PSU
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    Your psu is of rather poor quality and will NOT run that card natively as it is missing a six pin PEG connector. That said, the 260 you have picked out comes with an adapter that will convert a molex connection (4 pin) from your psu to the six pin peg that is required.

    In theory, 500w should be more than enough to run that card, but as I noted, the coolmax psu is not well made and may be prone to failure. If it was me, I would buy a good, solid psu from Corsair (TX series), Antec, XFX or EVGA. The size depends on your future plans. If you think you will not be upgrading your gpu again, then a 500w will be fine. If you think you may want a better card, then you need to think about a bigger psu. In most cases, a good 650-750w psu gives you the ability to run virtually any card (except the very high dollar stuff) and in some cases even SLI or crossfire for the mid-power cards.

  2. Thanks, great response, but could you give me some specific recommendations in terms of a PSU, I really don't know how to tell if they will fit and work well with my PC so I need you to point me in the right directionn
  3. I was looking at the CX500 maybe but Im scared to pull the trigger because Im not sure that it will be compatible and run well enough with the GPU
    Specifically this one
  4. That psu would be a fine choice.

    As a note: I see there is a MIR (mail in rebate) for this - if you are counting on that to end up with an overall lower price - don't. MIR's are iffy at best - you're much better off evaluating any purchase based on the "up-front" price before rebates. That way, if you run into problems with the MIR, you won't feel that you have blown your budget.

  5. Yeah usually I dont count on the MIRs but I'll try it out...
    But just to be clear, if I bought these two items together, I would be able to install everything and run it perfectly on my PC?
  6. No problem. They will work fine together.
  7. Thanks! You've helped more than anyone Ive talked to so far
  8. No problem.
  9. And I also plan to upgrade my CPU to the AMD FX-8320, how well will I be able to run games like DayZ, BF4, Titanfall etc?
  10. Mid quality at 1080p. Not a full tilt gamer, but substantially better than your 6670.
  11. I mean my settings now on DayZ are mostly normal to low and usually get a good 20-30 fps, how will I be able to run it in the near future with these upgrades?
  12. Instead of getting a new PSU I would rather suggest you buy NVIDIA gtx 750.Its more powerful than R7 260x and also consumes less power so you dont need a new PSU.I dont know why people dont make such recommendations since NVIDIA has made these new gpu specially for your target group.
  13. Yeah but the thing is I have a very poorly made PSU and it doesnt have the 12v+ rails that I need for a new GPU...
    But looking at the GTX 750, that may be better for me, how does it compare to the 660?
  14. The 750 and the 260x are evenly matched cards with the 260x being just a wee bit faster on clock speed. For the additional $50 bucks or so for the 660, you get a much better card IMO.

    The 260x/750 should give you 35-45 fps on 1080p with low to medium effects. If you want to get into a good mid/upper gpu, look at the GTX 760 or R9 270X, both of which will run with the Corsair you are looking at and give you 50fps at mid to high settings.

  15. dmaxpower24 said:
    Yeah but the thing is I have a very poorly made PSU and it doesnt have the 12v+ rails that I need for a new GPU...
    But looking at the GTX 750, that may be better for me, how does it compare to the 660?

    About 30% slower would be my guess.750Ti is 15% slower than 660.
  16. So where am I getting the most performance for my money, right now I am leaning towards the 260X just because my budget is pretty low but if Im getting way more value on another card I may consider it...
  17. IMO the 260X is the best low budget bang for the buck. Any significant step up is going to get you another $60-80 higher.
  18. So how would a 260X compare to a GTX 650TI?
  19. is a great chart to compare GPU value (performance per dollar). According to it, the 260X is the best value in that range, but the 7790 would give you a little bit more power for $10 more. The GTX 750 Ti is a good step up if you can do $165. And then the GTX 660 if you want to go closer to $200.

    All good values.
  20. How much of a step up is the 750ti from the 260X?
  21. dmaxpower24 said:
    How much of a step up is the 750ti from the 260X?

    The 750 Ti gets an average G3D Mark of 3715, and the 260X scores 2996, so it's roughly 1.24x the performance, or a 24% performance increase to put it another way. The price of the 750 Ti is 1.375x that of the 260X, or a 37.5% increase, so yes strictly on a value scale, the 260X is the best value, but if you want more performance, that's an option.
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