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I have compiled a budget PC for my self and i would like your recommendations and opinions on it. With this compilation i tried to stay under $600, also note that i am planning on getting a graphics card which i will crossfire with the apu's built in one. I would also like any recommendations for a graphics card that is supported with the Amd A10-5800k. I am fairly new to building computer so i tried making sure everything was compatible which it seems to be. Please leave your responses. Thank you :).
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  1. The motherboard is a little Over-priced. 75 dollars for a budget amd build is too much, and there definitely is one with good quality and everything you need under 55 dollars, look on the part picker options. Also, if you're spending $600 on this, i would NOT opt for an APU. They're meant for really really budget builds around 400 bucks, and your price limit is capable of getting a dedicated gpu and video card. Some various combos i would recommend , are an Intel Pentium G850, or an Athlon 760k. And for the graphics card, a radeon 7790 (, or if possible the GTX 660.

    For the extra price added , i recommend to get this case instead ( Its a 40 buck case with a 15 dollar off coupon with free shipping. Lastly, i wouldn't be too sure getting that CPU cooler. Yes its better safe than sorry, but its not that efficient with a budget amd processor, as they dont use as much power as say an intel CPU, and just in general are that beneficial in budget builds.
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