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So I have an i5-3570K @ 3.4 Ghz. I have the Intel Turbo Boost Monitor to watch the core speeds. When I was running Photoshop, I usually max out full CPU usage at 3.8 Ghz. But today, I changed the bios up a little bit. I saw an option for Smart Turbo Boost and enabled it without changing the settings. Now, whenever I use Photoshop, I run at about 4.1 Ghz and am wondering if this is normal. I mean it's great if I get more speed but am wondering if this will produce any heat issues or instability.
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  1. monitor your temps with a temp monitor (CPUID Core Temp etc.) and if you get blue screens, shut downs/restarts or other crashes, then undo your change.

    we can't tell you if you'll have issues here, but you should be ok.
  2. Ya, it'll be fine.
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    I don't know what "Smart Turbo Boost" is, but it doesn't seem to be related to Intel's Tubro Boost specification. More specifically, the 3.8Ghz is what you should get based on a 2/3/4/4 bin list (for 4,3,2,1 cores loaded respectively). This seems to me like it's some sort of motherboard tweak. I know that Asus has a few at least.

    Will it cause problems? It might, it might not. If your PC becomes unstable, disable it. If it doesn't, keep an eye on the thermals at least.
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