I Need Help Please This About Power Supplay 650w For r9 280x and FX 8320

im still newbie in here
Everyone please help me this is my rig

Motherboard : Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
Procie : AMD Fx 8320 ( Not OC Yet )
Vga For now I use : His Ati Radeon HD 6870
My memory : 2x 4 Gb Total ( 8 Gb )
PSU : Enermax Naxn 650w + 80 Bronze
pc chassis is : Azza Hurricane
I use 3x Dvd RW
Procie Cooler : Collermaster V8 GT
1x Lan Card
Hardisk : 1 TB caviar Blue + 250 GB seagate
120 cm fan : 4x collermaster
140 cm fan : 4x from azza Chassis

My Question Is

1.I'm Gonna try upgrade my VGA card become His Ati Radeon R9 280x ( Not CF ) 650w enough for My All component ?
becouse i see on HIS Digital official Site That's grafick card need 600w is that true ?
2. and fx 8320 feat r9 280x gonna bootlemeck ?
3.after i upgrade my vga card into r9 280x can i playing game with all my spec in up there ?
can anybody help answere my question please
( im so sorry for my bad english ) :sad: and Thanks very much For Advice
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  1. You could run this setup with 550w psu and you wouldn't have any problems. People seam to underestimate power supplies.
  2. what is that's mean i can run it without any prob ? but i read people have same question but why many people say it on this thread use 650w++ go budget not too much >.<
  3. Best answer
    The answer is yes, 650w psu will be more than enough for your setup. If you still have any concerns go here . I selected basic things for your system it shows recommended power supply should be 591 wats(540 minimum), so you should be more than good to go.
  4. Thank you so much for all advice i really appreciate for all answer i gonna upgrade it couse before this im so scared my psu cannot handle thats vga card when i go to play game's or like fps drop etc thanks all and thanks for Tom's Hardware
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