Will MSI A75M G55 Motherboard be compatible with GTX 760 OC after bios update?

My video card isn't compatible at all with my motherboard currently I think. PSU is a 700 watt brand: Cooler master i700.
I wanted to know, will flashing/updating bios in motherboard make my card compatible with my motherboard? I'm currently sending in my motherboard to my company manufacturer and flashing it for me. I was wondering, will it be compatible after it's flashed? Because I don't want to waste too money on the shipping, then maybe the flashing.
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  1. You don't need to flash the BIOS the 760 will run fine on your board.
  2. But, when I installed it into my motherboard, plugged in everything, the computer wouldn't load past windows. But beeped 3 times and 3 times indicates bad bios
  3. The card is compatible with the board you must have another issue.
  4. What would be the issue then? Installing the graphics card and the screen just turns black and nothing pops up. Could it be because my PSU is $54 with an 80+ bronze or something?
  5. It is a poor power supply , but can easily power a 760.
  6. So the WHOLE problem was actually my PSU?
  7. I mean, a 700 watt PSU is $80 (taxed) does it sound suspicious?
  8. I doubt it , PSU is more than sufficient on the 12v rail to run a 760.
  9. Then what else can cause it, I really can't think of anything else
  10. Does the card show in the BIOS?
  11. Well, nothing really shows up just a black screen with a b2 code at bottom right like what it's supposed to do when not having the card
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