looking for a good,fast ssd

Hey guys, .

So I have a nzxt phantom 410
Msi z87-g45 with a I5 4670k
And a caviar blue 1tb 7200rpm

I am looking to install win 8.1 on it and , what else would you put on it ?

My pc will be used for mainly gaming.

What size would fit my needs, and what brands ?

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    These are the best ones :) they do all different sizes

    I would recommend this size or one higher a 480GB

    If my post helped you click the best solution button it really helps me out :) Thanks,
  2. Hey thanks , I decided to go with the Samsung evo120gb . Gonna put my os on it and like a few favourite games. The rest of games , music, videos etc on the hdd. And if ever I want a bigger one I can get another one . Thanks though !

    If later I want to upgrade can I get a second ssd ? Like one of the ones you posted + mine + the hdd ?

    Also how do you choose what to save. Games on? Like will it be in my computer and show 2 different drives ?
  3. Yes you should plug it in it will show your normal drive then next to it will be this drive then just out your fav games on that and your OS on it and then your pc will be great then you can use your sata drive for music and spare things ;)

    Thanks for the best solution ;)
  4. Also if you get another one just plug it in then you will have 3 drives show up ;)
  5. Awesome thanks , wasn't sure if they popped up on "my computer" lol , thanks for that clarification.
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