Windows 7 home premium vs professional

So I've used the former and I'm building a new computer and need to choose a OS to buy (I'm going from a laptop to a computer,).

My main uses will be streaming, some video editing and gaming, so would there be any enticing features I'd need from professional to warrant the ~$50 difference?

Also, while I've read you can't use remote desktop, could I use programs like TeamViewer with home premium, or could you not even use those types of programs?
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    The table at the bottom of this page ( should be enough.

    Bottom line is that unless you are in an enterprise environment and need to join a domain, or want to run XP virtual mode, you don't need anything beyond Home Premium.
  2. Well I just don't know if Windows 7 Home can run TeamViewer 9, since it otherwise can't share local remote host.

    Edit: jk i found it, it can run teamviewer, so it's all good
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