More memory or higher speeds in RAM

So I'm building a computer and i wanted to know whether it would be best getting 16gb of ram at 1600mhz for $130 or 8gb of ram at 2133mhz for $93?

I will mainly be 3d rendering and modelling (maya, adobe creative) and some gaming (rust, dayZ) as well.

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    16GB, no doubt about it, hopefully 1.5 sticks and CL of 9 or better
  2. Alright well, lets take a look here...

    I'd say they both matter, the speed and the amount, I'd say for 3d rending/modelling and all that fun stuff, the more memory the better, not so much how fast the memory is. (But the memory speed still plays a big part).
    The reason is, is because when rendering/gaming, the speed at which your computer uses the memory to retrieve information doesn't really matter as the more memory you have, the more information can be transferred (even if it's at a slower speed because of the memory speed) so. Get the 16GB of ram if you wanted to, but in all honesty, 8GB of ram is enough for the things you'll want to do. Gaming on any game will never use more than 4GB of memory at the same given time, hell, probably not even more than 2GB. 3d rending and that stuff wouldn't even breach the total 8GB even.
  3. they are both 2 sticks so if i buy the 8gb will i be able to buy more ram later in a different speed, memory and/or brand?
  4. Can try, I don't recommend mixing sets of DRAM, even the same exact model, it can and often is problematic, the larger sets cost a little more, but it's because time has gone into testing the sticks to ensure all play together, the forums are full of of folks who have mixed packages of DRAM and can't get them to play
  5. ok thanks. would it be better to get 4x 4gb at a cheaper price or 2x 8gb at a more expensive price?
  6. 2x8GB is slightly better performance wise and less stress on the MC (memory controller)
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