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Hello everyone,

Almost a year ago, i built my first "gaming computer" with heavy emphasis on the quotes. It was my first build and was really a budget build. I am now looking to upgrade my gpu.

I have a Zotac Geforce GT 640, and have seen the r7 260, 265,270 and the GTX 750 TI. I am not willing to pay for the more expensive cards and looking to keep it around 150 and 200 at the max.

I am a novice when it comes to computer so any information would be greatly appreciated.

My Current build is a AMD A10 5800k APU, a MSI FM2-A55M-E33 for the motherboard, a Cosair 430 watt PSU, 8 gigs of ram and the GeForce GT 640.
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  1. I'd get the 270, a great card and great performance, But i'd upgrade the PSU to 500 watt just for headroom.
  2. If you wanna spend the extra 40-50 bucks, get a 760. I have one and I <3 it. Buuuut, if you dont wanna spend a little more, I would also stay away from the 750 TI, because it's built of Nvidias new "Maxwell" platform, and it could have some bugs in it.
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    could doesn't mean does. I bought the new Hawaii XT Chip by AMD and I must say they did a very good job, The 750Ti is a fine performer and is like every other card, but the drivers are constantly being updated as it's new release so all current problems won't be one for long.
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