Poor GPU performance when laptop charge is below 90% GTX 740m

Hello there , I have an Asus VivoBook S551 with a 4th gen i7 and a Nvidia gtx 740m GPU . the problem is that whenever i try to game ( mainly Dota 2 ) If the battery has a charge below 90% , the peroformance will be very poor and the frame rates will be all over the place . Don't get me wrong , i always game with the laptop plugged in . as soon as the charge hits 90% the performance goes back to normal and i can game with the settings at max . I tried uninstalling the drivers but it didn't help . All my drivers are up to date and I'm running an up to date copy of windows 8.1 and i have the battery profile set to max performance whenever i game . nothing seems to work .

Please help as this is such an annoying problem that i have to wait till the battery charges each and every time so i can game properly .
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  1. See your laptop if it's on power saving mode.
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