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I've used Windows 7 backup for a REGULAR backup a few times sending the copies to an external hard drive in one of two set partitions. Now, after understanding the value of an "image" backup using the Windows 7 program, I want to do that. My question is, if I select the "image" backup and send it to the external hard drive's same partition as the previous "regular" backups......what will happen? Will the previous backup files and such become overwritten? Will there be a simple addition of "image" backup data to that partition with file redundancy? I learned how to dig into the "regular" backup files to pluck one out if needed yet I understand this can't be done from an "image" backup. Hard drive space in the backup hard drive isn't really an issue for the immediate future. Can you comment what to expect if I do this "image" backup into the same partition that received earlier "regular" backup data from earlier?

Also, will the "image" backup in Windows 7 occupy unused hard drive space in the destination drive to duplicate the unwritten areas from the source hard drive as I've read that some "image" backups will do?

Thank you!
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    The image backup will create a different file for the image. It should only take as much space as you have used files and will expand to fill the full drive when used. You can set different options for those settings. Best way to do this is to read about it
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