Will two RAMs of different company, latency, and voltage play nice together?

I'm currently having one 8GB of GSkill RipjawsX CL10 @ 1866 MHz/1.5v with AMD FX 8320 @ stock, Asus M5A97 R2.0 and R9 280X. I recently read that average performance of my PC in BF4 was due to single channel RAM and that making it dual channel would make my fps go from 38-45 to 60-70, I have seen these happening. So I ordered a 2GB Crucial Ballistix Finn CL9 @ 1866 MHz/1.65v (money's tight, so only 2GB). Can I undervolt Crucial RAM so that both of these would work fine? Or maybe overvolt my GSkill RAM? Please help.
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  1. I would return the Crucial stick. If you undervolt it, you will have to step back on timings as well, maybe run it at 1600 Mhz or lower. I wouldn't recommend overvolting Gskill. It might die.

    One way to maybe make them work together might be to run em at 1600 mhz but tighter timings (lower CL) if possible. And 1.5v.
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    First of all dear your existing RAM has an CAS latency of 10 which comes under loose timing. Now you've purchased another RAM with CAS latency of 9. Speed is not that much an issue. Both RAMs are not compatible.

    Using RAM with 1.65 SPD is not safe. This is precautionary note.

    If you are fighting for every single FPS then dear remember always go for lower timings of RAM i.e lower CAS Latency like CAS of 9 in your Crucial RAM.

    Here is my recommendation, though you can manually play with timings and multipliers to get these RAMs work together, I would still recommend you not to use second RAM.
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