Z87 choosing dilema

Hi there,

I have to select one of the following motherboards for a new Haswell configuration, the I7-4770k processor:

Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H
Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H
Asus Z87 Plus
Msi Z87-GD65

Which one of these you believe is better? In my country they all have 3 years warranty.
Maybe some of you have one of these motherboards and can share your experience with it.

I'm tempted to choose the UD4H from gigabyte, it also fits my color scheme and seems to be better at powering voltages, but this is the most expensive from my list. Is it worth over the UD3H? The color scheme is not my biggest concern, quality-durability-performance is though.
Also i did not find that many conclusive reviews about the Asus Z87 Plus which someone recommended to me.

I am planning on doing OC only a few years later, just to boost the processor to keep up with the pace of technology. I guess 4.5 Ghz will be enough for me then.

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  1. Hello,

    I would go with either the msi board or the gigabyte ud3h. It has the same features as the ud4h except for power delivery (but with haswell this doesn't matter much). However the ud4h is also an amazing board so if color is important to you then it is worth the extra.

    The msi board has pretty much all the features you will ever need and at a great price (at least where i live). It also matches your color scheme (assuming it's red +black)

    They are both great boards for OCing but with haswell the processor is normally the deciding factor for overclocking (some chips can get to 4.6 ghz +, some chips can't).

    Really it comes down to which board has features that you would use and matches your board. :)
  2. Well, UD4H and UD3H are pretty much similar in power delivery department. Both are 8 phase but UD4H is using a doubler to make it looks like 16. Personally I wouldn't spend more on UD4H since Haswell isn't really demanding like previous generations unless you are into breaking some overclocking records.

    On the other hand; I'm using GD65. I'm happy with it so far. But it's slightly weaker than UD3H. 12 phases with a doubler (so it's actually 6). But still very solid board. Nice overclock potential and good mosfet cooling.

    Z87-Plus is the weakest of these boards. It has 4 phases and also Asus is using an older revision of IR pwm (IR3563A) than Gigabyte and MSI (IR3563B). The biggest advantage of new revision is the potential to run up to 2mhz frequency switching which simply increases the performance of doublers.

    All in all; Gigabyte z87x-ud3h is kinda winner here with GD65 close runner-up for its price. But if you plan to use 4 ram sticks in the future, check Gigabyte forums to see if they fixed the stability problems with 4 ram sticks. I've seen lots of people having that issue here and there.
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