want to decide how to use my extra 120$ to my build

After deciding my parts for my first build I see I have 120-130$ spare. Should I buy a better gpu ( from an hd7770 to hd7850 which is 120$ difference in my country) or should I put an extra ssd 120gb ( to work together with the 500gb hdd that I have already picked, and was planning to work only with initially). Which one do you thing is a better solution?
Thank you in advance
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  1. Please write your current build details if you want suggestions for improvement.
  2. I was thinking for a fx4300 with hd7770 and mobo Asus m5a97 r2.0. Someone suggested to change this mobo for an asrock 990fx, still don't know about it though.
  3. If you have more budget think about FX-6300 - 2 more cores than 4300. 7850 is also good choice if you can gather the money.
    Also R7 265 is coming soon - check http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-r7-265-review,3748.html.
    It is slightly better than 7850 and probably will have good prices due to 750TI competition from nvidia.
    SSD you can easily add in the future. It is a very easy upgrade any time.
  4. Because 7850 is already really close to my money cap, does it really worth it's money, or should I save 50$ with an 650ti?
  5. where are you buying from? preferred site?
  6. If you want to keep budget low - FX-4300 + 750.
    If you want most power - FX-6300, and really wait for 265 and decide then for the video. It will come any moment.
  7. It's an online shop in Greek so u won't be able to find you way through it (am from phone and can't find the English version of the page).
    I think I'm keeping fx4300 and now I just try to decide if I will take the 650ti 2gb for 191$, the 1gb for 178$ or the 7850 2gb for 233$
  8. I visit plaisio.gr often, greek is not that hard ;)
    last advice: 1GB is OK, you can save some money but not buying 2G.
  9. Ok really thank you for your time
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