My son has a Asus Essentio CM 6730 PC with a GeForce GT630 card

My son has a Asus Essentio CM 6730 PC with a GeForce GT630 card, 16 GB ram, 350w PSU. He is running hi def online games and has noticed the rendering to be slow. He wants to upgrade the graphics card to the GTX760-DC2OC-2GD5 GeForce GTX 760 2GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16.
will this product work in his unit without other upgrades? I am told by people on the forum several different stories like, upgraded PSU, memory or even that it will not fit his unit.
Can you help us. If this is not the correct card can you recommend one that will provide better performance?
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  1. You can't run those cards on that Power supply.

    You need to upgrade your power supply.

    Plus, it also depends on whether you have a PCI-Express Slot in your motherboard. Most likely you will.

    Anyways, if you are upgrading the GPU , you will need to upgrade the Power Supply for sure. 350 Watts just won't cut it.


    If you mention a budget for both GPU and PSU, I could tell you.

    Btw, the cards your son mentioned, might still bottleneck , depending on what sort of processor you have.

    That's something you have to take into consideration.
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    Agree with bassim. If you insist on 760 you will need power supply update.
    The easiest update is 750TI. It is not as powerful as 760 but very new - released last week, latest technology and very power effective.
    As low as $155 on amazon:
    Check tom's review:,3750-10.html
    You can add it without changing the power supply. And it will be MUCH better that 630.
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