AMD FX-8350 or AND FX-8320?

These two are both pretty similar and I've seen many people recommend the Fx8320 over the fx8350.I'm OK with OC-ing and I have a decent watercooler and a 600w psu.I'm expecting my cpu to be able to run bf4 multiplayer on ultra/high settings with 2xMSAA or 4xMSAA.Also,can the fx8320 OC-ed to 4.5/4.6hz while running stable?
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  1. FX-8350 will be more reliable
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    I have the FX 8320 and have it OC'd to 4.0ghz without touching the voltage. Of course, it is possible that the 8320 could reach 4.5, but it is more likely that the 8350 will. It all depends on the luck of the draw with chips. The reason I went with the 8320 over the 8350 is that it was $50 cheaper for the exact same chip with just lower clocks, which I rectified by merely bumping up the multiplier.

    The CPU should be able to handle those settings as the FX CPU's do really well in BF4 multi, but if you want guarantee the absolute best you would need to upgrade to an i7.
  3. For gaming i5 would be the best, the difference between i5 and i7 is 0.5~1%!!!
  4. Bf4 multi is one of the few games that takes advantage of the extra threads. That, crysis 3, and Arma 3. It's not a coincidence that those games also show the fx 8350 is better than the i5. Plus with the new consoles, u bet that will become more common. If I were to upgrade today I would get either the fx if my budget was 150-200, and the i7 if I was uncompromising in performance for the extra 100
  5. FX 8320 all the way.
  6. Yes, if you intend to OC, the 8320 is fine...I have the 8350 OC'ed to 4.4 on stock voltage, with the 8320 and a good MB 4.6 is achievable at a stable voltage.
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