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My current laptop is dead so I need a new one as soon as possible. Because of that unexpected situation I don't have so much money to spend. Please, help me to choose between those 4 laptops. All of them are HP. I need a laptop for gaming and watching movies. It would be great if laptop could run games like Skyrim on high settings. So, this is laptops I am thinking to buy:
1. Full HD 1920x1080, 15"6. Core i7 4702MQ, 8GB ram, has SSD, Geforce gt750m 4GB. 980$
2. Full HD 1920x1080, 15"6. Core i5 4200M, 8GB ram, has SSD, Geforce gt740m 2GB. 820$
3. 1366x768, 15"6. Core i7 4500U, 8GB ram, Geforce gt740m 2Gb. 780$
4. 1366x768, 15"6. AMD A-6 5200, 8 Gb ram, AMD HD 8670m 1Gb. 540$

Actually I was going to buy no.1, but if I buy it, I'll have almost no money next one or two months. So I am thinking about next three laptops instead of no.1. They are cheaper, but weaker. I wanted to ask - is no.1 worth to spend all my money? Or one of the other laptops will be ok for Skyrim for example?
I won't buy a new one for next 2 years, so I want to get the best what I can (for my money).

Maybe you know another good and cheap laptop? *but actually I love hp and want to buy it* Oh and I live in Japan right now, so maybe prices and models of laptops are different...
Thank you!
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  1. you 3rd option would be best for you you don't need an ssd and performance would be about the same between the 3rd and second option.
  2. Paul, thank you. So there is no difference between 1 and 2 or 3 in my case - all of them can run Skyrim or something like that?
  3. 3rd one will play skyrim, probably not at an extremely high quality but it will.
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