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I feel like I've done all I could. I tried using rkill, malwarebytes, rogue killer, and I cant get rid of it. Avast is saying its a malware, located in the svchost.exe. As far as how it's affecting my laptop, when ever i start it up, audio will play, sounds like a bunch of ads and videos playing simultaneously. And every 20 minutes or so, a window will pop up saying "Plug and Play services have terminated unexpectedly" and I'll have to restart my computer.
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  1. You need to download Process Monitor and see which Malware is taking up your CPU usage.

    Then delete that malware.

    it's pretty strong. I am sure it will help you to locate the exact problem.
  2. Hey Ohagandazs,,, I am not sure what kind of malware you are having but still since your are having problem you can take help of some tool. Once my computer got badly infected with malware and was responding very strangely. At that time, Click4Support people suggest me to install malwarebytes in it. I installed it and it works really well against all harmful infection.
  3. ^ Good advice. Malwarebytes works very well and is fully compatible with MSE (or Defender in Win 8).
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