Computer needs upgraded~help.

I feel like my CPU is starting to lag behind and feel like I either A. Need to upgrade so key parts, or B. perform a complete rebuild.
CPU- Intel I-3 2120(sandy bridge) 3.3ghz
Motherboard- AS rock H61m-HVS(seems to be smaller than the average board)
Memory- 8gb (not sure on brand)
Graphics card- AMD Radeon HD 6670
Power supply- 400watts
Ultimately I would have $800 to spend on a new build/ new parts. I would not need a monitor, mouse, case, dvd drive, or operating system (dreamspark). I am looking for a build for World of Warcraft and want it to perform at max settings. What would be the best route to go given my situation?
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    World of Warcraft is not that much of an intensive game that your CPU should be struggling to keep up with it.

    It's already a core i3 and you shouldn't be noticing any bottlenecks with a 6670.

    Are you sure that lag is not related to your system doing multiple things at the same time?

    If not, you can safely upgrade to a r9 270 and perform at max settings on World of Warcraft on the same CPU.

    If you are however playing other games that are CPU intensive and they lag as well, then you might need an upgrade.
  2. CPU to I5
    Graphics up to R9 270X or GTX760
    PSU to 500+watt quality PSU.
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