POST boot, What is one long beep followed by 5 short beeps?

Asus m5a97 R2.0 mobo.
Rosewill 750w PSU (yes i know its above and beyond)
XFX radeon 7870 2gb
2- 4gb Ram Team Zeus
Amd FX 6300 3.5

Starting to think its my mobo. Ram light flashes, then turns off (as is normal). VGA is detected and fans turn normally. I looked on ASUS website, and this beep code is not online. 5 short beeps usually mean PSU problem. I have the 20+4 plugged in properly, 8bit plugged in (i also tried using the 2 4 bits and gave same code), 2-6 bits into the VGA. I don't understand why the PSU would be the problem?

New builder here, but i've been following multiple builds and videos.

Called into Asus (extremely long wait time). They had me check ram and vga POST boot, and both checked out. B/c both were good, he concluded a mobo problem. Getting new mobo...
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