Noob needs help please

Hi guys,

Long time reader first time Poster.

Having some issues with some components

BAisically a few months ago my PSU blew (stock one that came with case)
bought a new one that is plenty powerfull for the pc

Before the PSU blew i was having some issues where my pc was switching off under stress (not fully switiching off just turning the monitors off and it the required a restart for the system to become operational though.

after turning the pc back on it was very sluggish and would give any performance in games like it used to (was getting 120-130 fps in games then would get 20-30)

I fully cleaned the pc with compressed air replaced the thermal paste and made sure that my fans werent obstructed

my wires are fairly neat and tidy and away from any fan flow my pc runs at about 19 degrees in idle (spiking to about 27 on occaisions)

And then when under stress it now reaches levels of about 50-60 degrees i have tried over clocking the GFX Fan to see if this is the issue im just wondering if there is anything eles i could try

P.S I also ran a memory test to see if there was any problems with the 2 sticks of RAM

Nvdia Gforce GTF550ti Gfx card
Amd FX-6100 processor
MSI 760GM-p23 Motherboard
2 sticks of ddr3 ram (4gb each)
seagate baracuda 1tb hardrive
+ running 2 monitors

Sorry if anything heere is wrong but im at a loose end and could appreciate some advice Thanks in advance


OH and a 500watt power supply ***
+ 4 fans
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  1. Your post is not very clear, what, exactly, is the current problem?
    The graphics temperature is actually very good for a card under load BTW, most will exceed 75C.
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