Looking to up grade my rig 7950

My rig -motherboard A-Z formula am+3, 16gigs of 1880mhz ram, sapphire 7950 gpu, 1TB hdd 120ssd 250 ssd, 750 0su....

Now I want to upgrade my gpu but not sure on what I want.. Was looking at maybe cross fire with a r290 but I heard that crossfire would slow the R9 to the speed of the 7950.. Was also wandering if I got a 770 gtx if I could run the 770 as the main an the 7950 as the secondary, not sure if that would work.

Any advice would be help full.. An if you know of a new card hitting the market soon
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  1. 7950 is a great card and I am using an OC'ed version.

    Why do you wanna upgrade it? Which games is it giving you problems on?

    What resolution do you play at?
  2. We'll I just bought me the vg248qe monitor that has 144hz so would like to get my 120 frames I possible on new games like thief an anything that has unreal 4.
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    Well , if you really wanna upgrade, an upgrade would be either Gtx 780 or a r9 290x.

    r9 290x runs really loud though, so you might wanna consider that.

    If you want to shelve out 700 dollars for a card, then perhaps there is none better than Gtx 780ti

    Yes, if you crossfire, 7950 and r9 290 , you wouldn't get any obvious benefit.

    And you can't run two cards ATI and NVIDIA on the same machine :)
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