How do I wipe my hard drive and get my OS back through a product key?

So I want to wipe my whole pc but I only have my product key for my windows 7 home prem. I was wondering how i could completely wipe my computer and put my old Os on it without a CD?
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    If you already own a legitimate Windows 7 license, buying anything else should be totally unnecessary. Sounds like the poster above may just be trying to promote his or her own Ebay store.

    You can get an official Windows 7 ISO here (note, this download comes from Microsoft's official download provider, it should be in no way modified or tampered with): Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit

    Then follow these instructions to create a bootable DVD or USB flash drive to install it: Instructions

    Then when asked, enter your product key and activate! You should be good to go with a genuine, clean install.
  2. If the system you are using doesn't have a product key sticker AND is from a major brand (Dell, HP, Compaq, Asus, IMB, etc.) don't worry- they use a specialized set of markers on the BIOS/Motherboard to contain the serial. Just make sure you are installing the same version you started with.
  3. check with the manufacturer of the computer, some of them have a hidden directory for doing a factory reset install. Companies like HP and Toshiba have a hidden partition that when booting you can head to fky and it will take you to read installing Windows. If that is the case and you choose that option just make sure you delete the old tradition of C Drive and then reformat doing a full format that will wipe it reinstall it and you won't even need the key
  4. an example is like Toshiba, if when the systems off, you turn it on while holding down the o key, it'll give you the option to factory reset
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