Suggestions for upgrading my HP 6717c w/ R6750 Core AMD Graphics Card further

This is what I have on my pc currently... It's powered by a 600w power core that I also purchased separately as the pc itself isn't meant for gaming really... It runs on AMD IIx4 640 Processor, which I'm told is decent... However, I am experiencing heavy "lag" at times in certain games like Marvel Heroes and WoW... Is there a better Graphics card I should be using? Or is this a memory issue as the pc only comes standard with 5gb, the gcard offers and addition 1gb... I'm not very tech savvy when it comes to the guts of computers so I was wondering if anyone had any helpful advice on how to maximize my pc gaming performance without spending a fortune on a new pc
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  1. I would leave the memory alone right now and put in a better gpu. the 7750/7770 are a lot faster then the onboard video chipset and not a lot of money.
    for the money on your system the 750ti and the amd 265 gpu at 150.00 price point would give you better frame rates and not kill the bank.
  2. It's not the card that came with the PC... It was purchased at best buy...
    But you're suggestion I upgrade it further?
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