Anyone heard or seen anything about 1+tb ssd?

Hey guys, I have a laptop with only 1 2.5" drive. I purchased and am using the Samsung evo 1tb drive. Wish it was the 840 pro with better speeds and not this fake 3 cells per bit like the evo, but I need the space.

But has anyone seen or heard anything reguarding ssd's being offered in larger capacities than 1tb?

I've seen a lot of the newer hhd's being 4+tb's now, but would really like
1. to have a Samsung 840 pro 1tb vs my 840 evo
2. to have a 2tb or even 3 tb ssd
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    I am afraid I have some bad news for you. Swapping out an 840 EVO for an 840 Pro in a mobile pc usually won't make any difference.

    There are large capacity ssd's available but they are enterprise level ssd's that cost and arm and a leg.

    BTW - There is nothing wrong with the flash memory used in the 840 EVO and other brands. You'll upgrade before they die. Here is a link to the latest torture test of 5 ssd's, including the 840 EVO:
  2. Totally agree with the enterprise level ssd's. But as far as the pro vs evo. In a mobile you should most definitely see the difference. Random access read/write on pro are almost double the evo. And the 3 bit's per cell cant really cant be compared longevity of the pro as the 3 bit technology is so new that any performance done cant be a real world. But, im not totally dissing the evo, I did just buy one. Sadly, for $100 less I did almost get the 500gb pro. Just firm believer of top performance at high quality, vs average performance at a budget quality.

    I was just hoping that somehow the hours I spend daily on tech sites and forums, I had some how missed some talk about the 840 pro being released higher, or even the evo doubling storage. As for me, even though I just spent more on a ssd for my laptop than most average people spend on their entire laptop, if either the 840 pro came out with 1tb or evo with 2tb id be buying it to replace this new one as soon as they became available.
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