Need Help On Selecting Case

This is most likely going to be my build
I want a case that is around 70 or less that would fit all of this in it.
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  1. It's very hard to recommend cases because people have such different taste. The Corsair 300R is $59.99 after a $20 MIR at Newegg.
  2. ok ty for replaying once again, i was thinking a corsair 200r i have updated my build here it is,
  3. Also do you think that i need an aftermarket cpu cooler with that build if i dont plan to over-clock just play games such as bf4 r cod because i am running low on cash lol.
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    The 200R would work too. You don't need an aftermarket cooler if you're not overclocking. The stock cooler works fine with the CPU at stock speeds.
  5. ok ty for helping me :D
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