High ping in wow with 1.5 mbps connection

Hi,since few months i am getting this high latency in online games specially in wow and bf i called the network guy and he did a ping test its showing 42 MS he also showed me how to do it however i have tried using google dns open dns and my service providers dns well none makes any difference i am just fed up what to do? while in wow my latency goes upto 400-1800 i never had this problem before i was getting like 180-190 MS in games yes because my net sucks .... please help ty.
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  1. Well, there isn't too much I can think of other then a new ISP.

    In most game I say at least 3Mbps upload and 1Mbps download are less likely to cause trouble.

    Can you run a speedtest at real fast?
  2. Yes i can run it but not very fast takes 40-50 seconds my upload speed is 0.41 MB and Download is 1.19 MBPS
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    Sorry to say that might noy be fst enough to game on for many gmes.

    You don't need anything near my speeds. 30Mbps down and 1Mbps up


    10 and 3 would be optimal.

    Plus, if they didn't like how much bandwidth you used gaming, they can cripple your connection to certain cites.
  4. Thanks i will try to get a better connection...
  5. No problem, and I know that probably wasn't what you wanted to hear, but, when I help I'm rather blunt xD

    So either upgrade from the current ISP, or a new ISP as fun as that is, I've changed ISP three times recently.
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