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Hey how's it going,

Well I am new to the gaming world.. let alone the PC world. I have alway been a console gamer which I got out of a few years ago (kids and family happened) :) I own mac's and a lot of them from G4 power pc, macbooks, mac desktops, Imac and my main laptop which is my macbook pro retina.

I wanted to get back into gaming and my macbook pro retina just wont cut it, I tried bootcamp and play window games but the dedicated intel hd4000 is not good enough. SO I decided to build a pc that could handle some decent games. Now no need to flame as this is my first build and I did not have a huge budget but I would like some of your input.

Zalman MS800 Plus Case
Asus M5a97 R2.0 LE mother board
AMD FX 8320 Processor
2x4gb G.Skill Ram
1.5TB 7200 HD
GTX 760 Superclocked Twin Frozr GPU
Corsair TX650 Plus80 650watt PSU
23.6" Asus VH238H Led Lcd Monitor
Logitech G700S gaming mouse
Corsair Vengeance 1500 7.1 Headset

Thank you
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  1. You could get a different tower for less that's still as good

    Other than that, good build
  2. i actually bought a coolmaster elite 350 and it was terrible terrible, so i went with the ms800 plus.

    The coolmaster was so cheaply made, poor design.. partially my own fault for not looking far enough into a case. So I decided to stay away from coolmaster and searched around and came across the ms800 plus which has amazing reviews.
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    May have just been unlucky, I personally use a HAF XM and it's excellent quality. If you're comfortable with the ms800 plus's price, then go ahead. That monitor is very good for the price too.
  4. You are more than likely probably right but the elite 350 is on the cheaper side, the reason I went with it was because it had a 500watt psu already installed. That was part of my problem.. I went cheap with the case and psu. After seeing and learning this I went with a better quality.

    I feel the price on the ms800 plus is a tad bit expensive but after seeing ncix drop the price down to $79 I thought wow I will get this for sure! In the end I never went with ncix for anything because after the shipping cost and their insurance cost their matched pricing was actually more expensive. Direct Canada is awesome! Free shipping and their insurance on all of my order was $6 vs $40 at ncix. Long story short the tower in my eyes worked itself out for the price. Haha
  5. I do have a question. The ram I ordered was a special that was on so I decided to get it.
    G.SKILL F3-2133C10D-8GXM

    Which is 2133hz ram, now my asus m5a97 board supports up to 1866 I believe. Will this ram still work?
  6. Yes, but you won't get the 2133 speed at least not right away, it will default to 1866 and require overclocking to get to 2133.
  7. Alright sounds great. Thank you
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