Question on OC with 8320 and UEFI bios...using a guide and am unsure of what one part means.

That is the guide. Well under the "Overclock Time" section, the author says Back in the BIOS, scroll to CPU Manual Voltage and Manually Set it to whatever value it shows for your CPU. They all vary"
I don't know what he/she means by "set it to whatever value IT shows for your cpu." What is it IT? If it is the number in the left hand column in the BIOS, i can't, because the increments go by .006250V.

Someone help me understand this please.
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    Yes, you reset your BIOS to stock settings, turn off turbo core, then go to your BIOS, it will show your voltage to left of the voltage, which is the stock voltage. This is what you want to start with. Mine was 1.308v then change to manual mode, click on that box and just type in 1.308v or whatever your stock voltage is.

    Good luck and have fun. I hit 4.86 last night on my 8320. Well I booted at 5.1ghz, but temps were through the roof when I started Intel burn in test and had to stop after about 10 seconds. lol.
  2. Thank you sir. I will try that this weekend. I through my back out recently and haven't been up to fiddling too much, just wanted to game. Thats why i didn't get back sooner.

    getochkn, you will be hearing from me if i have any questions on my temps and tweaking my system. I hope you don't mind if i inbox you once in awhile with a question?
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