Need help with finding an new Graphic card


Let me start off with the reason behind the current situation of not being sure on what to take.

I currently run a terrible graphic card (Geforce 630GT) my pc just broke down back then and I needed a quick solution.
But, now that I've got a reasonable amount to spend I'm willing to look for a better card, gaming with the current card is just not fun or even enjoyable.

Now for the card itself:

I'm not with a reasonable large sum of money to invest majorly in expensive afterstock coolers and I've heard the Radeon 290/280 have some very bad stock coolers.
Nor, can i get my hands on an expensive 780ti, I also don't see myself running 1440p for a LONG time.

I've also seen that the benchmarks on the 290 and the 290x are alot better then on the geforce 770.

What I've been reading about is the new Mantle API that might increase the overal FPS you can hit in games, given the nature of the API still being a sort of BETA and not alot of implimentations I'm very unsure whether this will become something big if I decide to pick up a Radeon 280/290(x)
Considering I play Guild Wars 2 which requires alot more CPU use then a GPU it would be beneficial, but i can pretty much put a safe bet on it that the DX 10 is going to stay on the game itself.

Recoding for just a mantle API seems a bit too much work, even for a company like Arenanet.

I've read that the new Haswell GPUs of Nvidia might hit shelf on next month (in March.)
Should I consider waiting for those?
I can't really tell if I should, since AMD doesn't have any future plans and is investing time in APUs and ARM chips.
Not to mention this new Mantle API.


I'm having a very hard time deciding between buying a;
Radeon 290(x) or buying a Geforce 770GTX (waiting for the new haswell GPUs from Nvidia)

The 780ti is by far out of my price range, atleast with the price it has.

Another problem is that i need to upgrade my PSU, already have a Corsair 760w platinum in mind.

Currently running;
Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth X990 R2.0
Processor: AMD Vishera FX 8350
(slightly overclocked, not much nor does it seem to help that much even in GW2.)
RAM: DDR3-1833 G.skill RIPJAWS 8x2
GPU: Geforce 630GT <- Yes it's very bad.
PSU: OCZ MODxStream 500W <--- Already getting a Corsair 760w Platinum
Harddrive: 2 Terrabyte Seagate 7200RPM
4 80mm fans
1 220mm fan

1 gaming Keyboard from Roccat
1 gaming mouse from Mad Catz
1 Gaming headset + Mixamp from Astro

hopefully I have been able to supply enough information, if I forgot something please feel free to ask.

If it was too much to read;

The question is as follow:

I need a new Graphic card debating between a radeon 280/290(x) or a geforce 770 GTX.
Chance on getting the Nvidia lineup next month (March)
Aftermarket Radeon cards are supposely better to buy, but they do add a large sum to the table. So, should I just scrap the idea?
New Mantle API from AMD, does it have a future? Can it be a deciding factor?

Small additional edit;

My current Stock cooler on the Vishera FX 8350 seems terrible, not to mention the paste.
I'm most likely considering upgrading to another CPU cooler, but will I need to be careful about the PSU if i get a new graphic card + only having a 760w PSU

MSI Gaming N770 TF 4GD5/OC GeForce GTX 770 4GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card
MSI R9 290X 4GD5 BF4 Radeon R9 290X 4GB 512-bit GDDR5
ASUS DirectCU II OC R9290-DC2OC-4GD5 Radeon R9 290 4GB 512-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card
XFX Double D R9-280X-TDFD Radeon R9 280X 3GB 384-Bit GDDR5 CrossFireX Support Video Card
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  1. Why are you deciding on a R9 290 or a GTX 770? The competitor of the 290 wouldnbe the GTX 780, and the 280x competitor would be the 770. It really depends how much you are looking to spend. Both the GTX 770 and R9 280x will max out all games @ 1080p, but the 780/290 will be more 'future proof'. If you are looking to buy a cheaper card, go with the 280x as it has 3gb of VRAM rather than the 770's 2gb. And ontop of this as you said AMD has mantle api which will slightly improve performance in games that utilize amd hardware like BF4. If you are willing go spend the upper hand go with a GTX 780. The R9 290 has proven itself to be a hot and noisy card, it was originally supposed to be a cheaper alternative to the 780 but with the crypto currency mining craze happening that didn't exactly work out. The 780 is quiet, power efficient and over clocks very well. Hope this helps.
  2. Because, the 290 is cheaper over here then the 770 GTX .
    That's the only reasoning behind it.
    Atleast with price/benchmarks

    The Radeon 290x is going for almost 440 euros
    The Radeon 290 is going for about 370 euros
    The Geforce 770 GTX 4 Gb is going for about 330-350 euros
    As for the 780GTX 440 euros aswel

    The benchmarks aren't very helpful either.
    As much as I don't understand how much mantle will help, but sicne it will only be minor.

    I can presume the 780GTX is better.
    But, is the Radeon 290 still a valid option?
    It's only a small amount i'm going to save on not buying the 780 but every penny counts, especially when i want it done by next month.

    Sorry if i didn't read something properly or repeat myself.
    But I'm really trying to get the best possible solution for the current situation I'm in.

    Thanks for taking your time.
  3. If the 770 costs the same as the 290 i wouldn't either consider it. I would go with a 290 with sapphires tri x cooler, or a 780.
  4. Yes, in the case of going for a 290 with Tri X coolers I'd be at 440 euros aswel
    With the 780 GTX going at 440 Euros aswel.

    And in that case the 780 GTX was better, correct?
    I mean, there's no way to tell how much impact mantle will have over this year.
    It would be possible to take into account that alot of the games multi platform from PS4 to Xbox one / PS4 would see alot more mantle utility and driver support.

    I'm not really good with deciding especially with things like these.
  5. Best answer
    Well to put it simply if the R9 290 is the same price as the 780 I would take the 780 in a flash because while mantle may give small performance boosts I don't think that stands out as much as the 780's lower temperature and noise levels. The 780 has much better architecture.
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