HD showing in BIOS, but not in windows?

Hey guys, I have a question hopefully you can help me with.

So, I just put together my new computer, everything going smoothly.

I get into BIOS, and since its an ASUS Maximus VI Hero, it has the fancy BIOS setting that shows the boot priority at the bottom in EZ mode. There, it shows the Optical Drive, and my SSD, but not my HD.

However, in the Sata options, it shows all the drives. In the boot Priority (Advanced options) It shows all the drives.

I have windows installed on the SSD finally, but when I go to my computer, the 2TB HD isn't showing up!

Am I missing something here?

All the best,
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  1. is it formatted? does it show in computer management?
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    In Windows 7: Control Panel -> Administrative Tools-> Computer Management-> Storage-> Disk Management-> right click on the new 2TB drive and format as MBR and accept the default values.
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