Psu two 12v rails what gpu can it handle?

Hi i have a 250w psu and i have 12v1 and 12v2 rails the 12v1 has 10 amps and the second one has 14 amps can you tell me what gpu can it handle
p.s i cant upgrade the psu cuz i moved in france and if i want an upgrade i have to buy a whole new system..
the rest of my components : intel pentium dualcore e5200 1 dvd-rw 2 gb ddr2 ram
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  1. Time to upgrade , that PSU is not good.
  2. NVIDIA GT 610 or 620 would be the most I would put in there, but depending on the age and brand of the PSU, that might even be too much.
  3. You need to upgrade to a seasonic, corsair, antec power supply. I like getting something with a little higher watt 650-750 that has a 5 year warranty that I can use in a later build. Right now I have a 1000w Antec, I cant remember the specific model off of the top of my head. But I know there is nothing I cant throw at this beast and it not handle. A cheap PSU will kill your system, learned that one the hard way don't go for cheap brands!

    Good Luck :)
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