Is it worth it to build a new computer?

Firstly, I would like to thank anyone who takes time to help answer this question.

I have been recently getting more and more interested in building a computer. I have a very solid computer right now, however. My computer is a two year old Alienware Aurora A3 (I know, I know inb4 Alienware is overpriced, etc., etc.) with the following specs:
16gb ram (I have no idea about the threading and such)
GPU: 1x AMD Radeon HD 6950
CPU: 1x Intel Core i7 2600K
HDD: 2x 500GB Raid 0, 1x 3TB Seagate Baracuda
SDD: 1x 120GB Samsung 840 EVO
MOBO: Alienware 046MHW

I'm sorry if that is not enough information. I am no computer wizard and I am a little lacking when it comes to knowledge on what pieces truly matter.
Like stated previously, I have recently been interested in building a PC, but upon looking into various pieces I noticed that upgrades may not be so easy to find. In anyone's opinion is it better to wait a few more years and wait for my system to get a bit more outdated before building a new one? I would also like to say I have no real problems with my system other than the atrocious dell technical support. That alone is a solid reason to try and get rid of an Alienware computer for a custom-build.

TL;DR --> Is my system worth selling/salvaging and building a new system out of? Is there anything I may need to improve soon/now?

Again, thanks to any and all who answer.

Edit: Thank you all for answering. You all have been very helpful :D.
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  1. If you're having no issues with it, don't sell it. You'll get pennies on the dollar for a couple year old PC.
    And there appears to be nothing wrong with your hardware set, other than being AW.

    Save up for a year, and then build a killer PC. Far better than an AW.
  2. I wouldn't sell it if you are happy with its performance. If games you find performance lacking, I would just get a new GPU. Your CPU is still plenty good.
  3. logainofhades said:
    I wouldn't sell it if you are happy with its performance. If games you find performance lacking, I would just get a new GPU. Your CPU is still plenty good.

    Yeah, if you want some more gaming performance, grab yourself a 770 or something and you shouldn't have any problems.
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    Hi there,

    As everyone has stated, if you're still happy with it's performance and it plays the games you want nicely then there is no need to rebuild. That being said, if you are set on upgrading and losing alienware then there are a few things you can change.

    Your HDD and SSD are fine and can carry over to your next build, as can your ram.

    Motherboard can be upgraded to any LGA1155 socket type board that suits your needs and then the CPU can be carried over too (as mentioned, it is still a solid CPU)

    Theres nothing really wrong with the GPU but again as mentioned above, if you find performance is taking a hit then that can be upgraded or you can get another one and crossfire it.

    Finally, by building your own PC you will be trading in dells atrocious technical support for your own support.

    It comes down to your personal situation and how your computer handles today's games and the games you play/ are likely to play.

    Good luck in your future PC endeavours

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