whole computer suddenly lags/fps drops.

This only happens when im playing games. lets say i have a video / livestream going on. and while im playing i will randomly drop fps to like. almost 0 fps for about 15secs or so. and its not just "the game" i feel like its the whole computer because even the video / livestream was lagging too. i posted this in cpu section since this only happened when i changed my cpu. but ive changed it about almost 4 months ago. this only happened this week. so i dont know whats really happening.
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  1. What specs and have you checked your temps?
  2. amd fx8320
    radeon 7950
    corsair psu
    gigabyte ga-970a-d3 mobo.
    500g hd.

    and yes i checked the temps. both are it wasnt overheating.
  3. Could still be VRM overheating. Not a very good board for 8 core
  4. im sorry but whats a vrm?
  5. Basically the voltage regulators for the CPU.
    Some of the rvisions of that board do not support FX8320
  6. Ohhhh. but this didnt happen the first couple months i got the cpu tho? is there a way to find out forsure if it really is the vrm overheating?
  7. I know on MSI boards they will report the CPU 255°C and force thermal throttle. Maybe cleaning will solve your issue.
    As well check your revision I believe it has to be 3.0 to support the FX8320.
  8. revision? i dont kno how to check for that sorry >.<
  9. Will say on the original box or somewhere on the board! According to the pictures on the site lower left corner vertically along the expansion slots.
  10. i checked at the box. i dont kno what i was looking for so i dont think i found it. but it did say am3+ cpu ready. or something like that.
  11. Check the board. All revisions support lower powered AM3+ CPU's
  12. it says rev 1.4?
  13. Supported I still suspect the VRM's so you could open up the case and get a fan and blow on the area between the CPU and the IO panel (the location of them under the little gray heat sink) and see if it stops.
  14. oh so no problems with the mobo then?
  15. It supports it but if you overclock it will be in problems and may already be.
  16. What if i overclock with a cooler?
  17. Still an issue since when you overclock the CPU pulls more power affecting the VRM's. Try the fan trick I posted above and see if that changes anything.
  18. ohhh. well the thing is it doesnt happen alot. it happens randomly when im playing games and it happens for like. 15secs or so. so i cant really have a fan or have it opened everytime im playing. but i am planning on buying a water cooler. would that do the same?
  19. Not really for the VRm's since they are designed with airflow going over them and the liquid coolers reduce that.
  20. Ohhhhh. so should i go for a fan cooler intead of a liquid then?
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    That is what I would do. I have one of these on a MSI 970 board and FX8350 mounted so it actually blows on the VRM Heat sink as well
  22. Ohhhh. okay. thanks for all the help!
  23. it happened again. and i think it may be the temp's problem. the cpu is running at 118-151F? is that bad. and if it is. could that be the reason why im having this issue?
  24. 151 is high for that CPU so improved cooling will help.
  25. should i still go for a fan? or water cooling? knowing that its a cpu problem too and not just the vrm?
  26. I would go for a air cooler with fan.
  27. What would be a great cooler then? hopefully somnething not noisy too. or should i go with the one u linked?
  28. ohhh. my budget can go a little higher. but if this is "good" then i'll settle for this. but if theres a better one that can do the job better for a little higher price. id rather go for that one.
  29. I think the one I linked first is better for boards with sensitive VRM's.
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