Drop in FPS with Borderlands 2 Physx enabled

So the title really says it all. My FPS is consistently over 60 when Physx is set to low, but when it's set to anything higher, FPS drops to 20 - 30 when there are enemies on the screen. I have an AMD card, and I know that for AMD cards the Physx workload is diverted to the CPU. I was wondering if my CPU is the problem. FX-6300, I was under the impression that it was powerful enough to be able to run Physx decently. Is this just a hardware problem or something else? I can play with Physx, but it'll be nice to have it enabled.
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    sound about right, physx don't like to run on cpu at all.
  2. Yeah like ^^he said physx is really not meant to run on a CPU. Pretty much your only options are to turn physx off or use an nvidia GPU.
  3. Thanks for the answers, just wanted to make sure.
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