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I recently purchased a new PC which is air cooled. It is a gaming PC and runs great. The only problem is it is not the most quit and the bulky aftermarket CPU fan take up a lot of space which would not allow me to install extra fans in my case to keep the airflow cool for when I go SLI with GTX 760's. Would water cooling my CPU be a good option? There are a lot of CPU coolers where you just attache the block and then have a radiator but I don't see a pump. Do I need to buy a pump for these all in one CPU coolers like from Corsair? Is buying the all in one combo better than simply buying a pump, tubing, and water block plus coolant and assembling it myself?
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  1. The AIO has the pump in the radiator.
    Water coolers still can be loud, as they are using fans either way, they do free up room.

    Custom loops are more expensive, but higher quality and you can expand them to run graphics cards in them too. They typically do better than AIO coolers.
  2. Yes. As I watched more videos about it, doing a custom loop seems the way to go.
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    All In One liquid cooling, I like them. They are neat, tidy, and free up a lot of room for airflow. The actual pump is what you attach to the cpu, liquid comes in, hits the cpu, gets pumped out, all in 1 smooth motion before going through the radiator where fans cool it down. It is whats called a closed loop, other than install, you never touch it, and it works very well... on the cpu. Water Cooling is the opposite. A pump sits somewhere (usually under the hard drive cage) and pumps coolant to everywhere, the cpu-block, gpu-blocks, RAM blocks, even some mothercards have WC ports, then off to the radiator to get cooled, and then dropped into a reservoir, to be recycled into the pump. WC is designed to cool everything you can slap a block on, but the parts are not cheap, fittings, pipe, pumps, reservoirs, blocks, large enough case, radiators, fans! WC is for those who get it, its not for the faint of heart or wishy-washy type people. Pound for pound though, for the average joe, nothing cools like a WC setup done right, and its a toss-up over AIO or Air.

    Now, as to sound from your air cooler, that's an easy fix. Change your fan. You will want 3 things, a good PWM (4-pin) fan (Noctua is probably the best, Cougar, Bitfenix are good too), a fan controller (software like speedfan or hardware like knobs/touchscreen) and some info.

    Info: what aftermarket cpu cooler do you have, if unknown what size fan/fans are on it eg. 80mm or 120mm, 140mm. Also, your cpu cooler is regarded as a radiator, it has fins. you want a fan capable of pushing the air through the fins, that's called static pressure. Case fans are the opposite, they are all about airflow, how much can they make, that's CFM, cubic feet per minute. Noctua makes a silent fan NF-F12 PWM or the NF-P12 PWM, that are designed specifically for silence and radiators.

    Hook the fan up to the CPU_FAN slot. Now, start up Speedfan (its a free download) and Real Temp (another free download) and look at what temps your cpu is at. should be pretty low, 30's probably. Use speedfan to set the speed of your cpu_fan lower, maybe 20% at idle, and watch your temps. if the temps stay in the 30's you are good to go. set the fan to ramp up slightly as the cpu temp rises, it will go to max duty @70-75* at 100% automatically.

    This is how I have my computer, and it is so silent, I have to look for the HDD light to tell if it is running when I'm not actually using it.

    Good fan will cost $8-$25ish USD, but the education you will get from doing this yourself, is priceless
  4. Yes I agree. I think though that I would like to try water cooling just for fun and it also looks really cool.
  5. There is a whole section here at Toms dedicated to WC. If you are looking into getting into custom loops, those are the guys to go talk to, and some of their custom case mods are simply amazing. Good luck with all that, you just exceeded my level of info lol. Ciao
  6. Anonymous said:
    Yes I agree. I think though that I would like to try water cooling just for fun and it also looks really cool.

    I love the way UV clear tubing can make a system just 'come to life'.
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