I need advice on what laptop to purchase

I'm looking for a gaming laptop that doesn't exceed $1000 preferably in the range of $700.
I don't care if it can play games on ultra settings, All I care about is that it can play modern games without burning to a crisp and can go on for about 5-7 hours of gaming thanks!
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  1. Best gaming laptop around the $600 range: http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/model/NX.MCTAA.005

    If not you could maybe look at the Samsung ATIV book series or Lenovo U530 Touch (higher end models with dedicated graphics).
    I'm personally going to get the higher end U530 Touch model from best buy on monday.

    If you don't care about thickness and such, the Lenovo y510p is the best gaming laptop you can get under $1000. Nearly everybody would suggest that laptop.
  2. most decent build a10 APUs will hit 7+ hours gaming. of course it's a stretch to call an a10 system a gaming system. But you can get them for $600; and i'd only say they're quality gaming machines on small monitors like a 1366x768 screen.

    The problem with long battery life on a gaming laptop is stronger mobile gpus will chew the battery up. If battery life is a requirement you'll need to make some serious compromises and go with the onboard graphics of an apu or an intel iris pro (that said the iris pro has such poor driver support i don't suggest this) with a lower res monitor.
  3. Faizaan Shaikh said:
    Agreed. Y510p, Y500, Y510 are really awesome for gaming.
    Dell Latitude 15 3540 is an awesome laptop which costs around $780 and has a very good GPU but you'll have to upgrade the RAM as it has only 4 gigs of RAM.
    Acer Aspire V5-552G-X852 has a decent processor and gpu and comes for $605.46(Amazon).
    Asus N56JR-MH71 is a very powerful laptop. It can serve your gaming needs better than the others but costs between $1000-$1100. Buying a Y510 or Y510p will be better option.

    Alternatively, you could also look at the Asus N550JV-DB72T or 71
  4. calmlikeabomb said:
    No laptop will run for 5-7 hours of gaming on battery if that's what you meant

    1. What kind of games?

    2. Can you install your own OS?

    3. The Y510p SLI I5 (link) will is the most cost effective gaming laptop under $1000 with GT 755M SLI (faster than GTX 770M), 1TB SSHD, ok 1080p screen, 6GB DDR3, very good sound quality and.. that's all. If you wish to maximize the performance for buck - get it

    4. More interesting gaming laptops under $1000. There are some options available, like the Eurocom Shark 2.0 that has now 10% off and if you can install your own OS, it's a very good deal for $770


    Thanks alot I'm pretty new to laptops I'm pretty fine with 3-4 hours now while playing games and all the games I play are minecraft and sometimes just cause 2 maybe a bit of gmod but that's it. I can install my own OS through USB and disc drive so I should be covered thanks.
  5. Thank you guys so much. I'm going to get the Lenovo y510p mainly because it has more of what I need. I'm pretty new to the laptop world so I don't know much thanks!
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