Can't Open CD Drive Thingy???

So... I have a Gateway NE 522 Series laptop, and I'm trying to open the disk thing... but there isn't an eject button and nothing else is helping me. I looked on my control panel, but the only thing that was close to CD drives was something that said, "Play CD Automatically," but it proved not to be useful.
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  1. Two ways to go about this then; 1) In the middle of the Optical Drive tray there is a small hole, you can push a straightened paperclip through that hole which will release the tray (that is best done when computer is off but can be done while on in an emergency) or, 2) Select Start>>Computer right click on your optical drive, you should have an eject option, select that.
  2. The Gateway NE522 does not have an optical drive, it's just a blank filler to cover the place where there's supposed to be an optical drive. If someone can give the optical drive part number for the Gateway NE522 laptop, I could use it because there are sata ports inside there to install an optical drive.... but I can't tell what drive will fit in there and the specs do not indicate any part numbers from the Gateway support site
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    I found this picture/diagram looking through support for this model. I know the post above says the laptop itself doesn't have a drive but if yours does and it's similar to the one in the picture, then this will help you.

    I'm hoping it does

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