Can I have NVIDIA and AMD on same MOBO and just use AMD card for crypto mining?

So my question is in my title. Although, I tried to make the title a little short so here it is again better explained.

Can I run an AMD card and an NVIDIA card in the same computer, but just use the AMD card for cryptocurrency mining and use the NVIDIA one for gaming/etc?

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  1. It is possible thou you have to manually enable or disable eithr when performing either task from device manager
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    you can have both in your system but i'm not sure how it will effect game with gpu accelerated physx though since the driver will disable the gpu physx by force when the driver detects non Nvidia discrete gpu inside your system
  3. Not necessary. When he mining he could disable the nvidia and enable the amd from device manager and vice versa when gaming. Thou im saying again I dunno how effective is this option.
  4. you can but I can definitely see driver issues. you may be better off buying a cheap setup and running the amd card separately on another rig.
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