GPU 750ti gtx 660 r7 265 or other????

So this is the bare minimum parts for the computer that I am currently using. I want to get into higher gaming IE: BF4, Titanfall and things like that.

So I really need a good GPU I am not looking to break much into the 200 dollar range but may consider doing it.

So I am looking at the gtx 660

The Radeon r7 265 (when it gets released)


the 750TI

any comments or other suggestions would be awesome!
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  1. What is your gaming resolution. Suggestions are either 265x due to overclocking capabilities or 750ti. Whats the price of 760 thou?
  2. I have a 1920x 1080p monitor but i usually play in whatever the default is, so like 1024x760.

    the price for the 760 is around 250 dollars
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    if you can push 250 dollars 760. else a 265x or a 750ti will suffice 660ti is also horsepower and overclocking im sure the 660ti will beat the 750 ti by few fps
  4. yea I am not sure yet. I might see if the around one of the internet "holidays" a 760 goes down. Cause that would prob be the best one for future uses.
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