Radeon R9 270 2GB White/red vertical bars? Horizntal/vertical lines? Help

Ok so i recently go this graphics card awhile ago and i installed it into my computer and everything was fine but then a few weeks later i had to change the motherboard and case and before i did that i noticed that there was these 2 huge bars going down on the screen, (my motherboard was giving me problems with other things so i thought maybe my motherboard was causing this) anyways I got a new motherboard and the same thing occured it there were lines and bars vertically on the screen.


I have no idea what to do i installed new drivers, i made sure the cable was not loose, i made sure the graphics card was coorectly seated in the pci slot. If you guys have any tips or ideas please tell me because for now im going to have to use my old 7770.
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  1. Says your gallery is private so can't see the pic. Sounds like it could be a bum card though
  2. What brand that Radeon is?
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