Bungled SD Card recovery

I have a 64GB Micro SD card that I have been using on a GoPro Hero 3. After momentarily using it in conjunction with an android phone to take a picture, I tried using it in reader again to find that the file system was no longer recognised by Windows 8.

In a dumb panic I decided to use iCare Data Recovery Software in order to format and recover the files with a new file system. This was to no avail and I fear that it may have made my issue worse.

My question, first and foremost, is how to proceed (this data is important but not important enough for professional services).

Secondly, would attempting the previous automatic method be of any use at all? That is: Format the drive using windows and using data recovery software to fish out the previous data?

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  1. You should have asked help first.

    Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery is best out there, and it would have recovered your data.

    Since you already formatted it with Icare Data Recovery, it remains to be seen, what if anything you could recover.

    You can try Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery ( the free version) and see if it tells you there is anything to be recovered.

    If it tells you, it can recover, then you should opt for the full version to get the Recovered Data.
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