Strange Motherboard behavior after PSU and video card upgrade

Hello All,

Here is my current configuration:
Motherboard: Gigabyte H77-D3H rev 1.0
CPU: Intel i5-3470 3200Mhz IvyBridge, socket 1155
RAM: 8GB, can't remember the manufacturer
Graphic Card: Gainward nVidia GTX 460 768 MB
PSU: Thermaltake 420W
HDD: 1x WD 320 GB and 1x Seagate 1TB

The configuration worked and works great and without any issue, but i recently decided to make an upgrade. So i bought the following:

- Inter-Tech Energon 650W PSU
- Gainward nVidia GTX 760 2GB
- Seagate 600 series 120 GB SSD.

When i changed the components, the problems started to show up:

A. At first i changed all (PSU, video card, SSD) with only keeping the SSD connected, not the HDD-s. The first thing i noticed is that after i press the power button, the system (PSU, Video, CPU) will start for about 5 seconds with no video signal, then all will turn off for the same 5 seconds then finally start again and "work properly". I say "work properly" because the only thing that happened is that i got video signal but only the BIOS screen for about 2 miunutes, then the system will boot. Keep in mind that i cannot use any command to enter BIOS, boot screen, or anything. The only confirmation i got that the keyboard is working is that Ctrl+Alt+Del is restarting the computer

I decided to start excluding the items i recently bought to find out what is the problem

1 - BIOS/CMOS reset: same behavior, no screen to confirm the reset was made
2 - removed all except CPU and RAM and connected the old PSU. Display connected to on-board video card: the same start-up behavior: on for 5 sec, then off for 5 sec then on for good (previously with the old PSU the system turned on normally - press power button, system started immediately); but i got the CMOS reset notification, regular lasting BIOS screen and prompt for bootable media, as no drive was connected
3 - kept the above configuration, but with new PSU: same behavior: ON/OFF/ON, then boot normaly
4 - kept the above and added the SSD: same behavior, managed to install Win 7 64bit using a flash drive to see if there is stability in the system - all OK (still the ON/OFF/ON initial startup) - from now on, every power on of the system is made with that cursed pattern ON/OFF/ON
5 - kept the above and installed the old GPU: all ok, video card detected in Windows also
6 - kept the above and changed to the new GPU: BIOS screen froze (see paragraph A) - but after those 2 minutes, the system booted up and even Windows recognized the new graphic card

Now my questions to you are:

a) Why is there that annoying ON/OFF/ON pattern since i tried the new PSU but now with BOTH PSU-s, and is there a way to fix it? I am suspecting that is a PSU issue, but why is it now happening with the old PSU aswell - this indicates an issue with the motherboard
b) Why is there that huge 2 minutes freeze in BIOS screen when i'm using the new GPU?(because it is still happening)
c) What are your oppinions on this? What feedback do you have? Have you seen any similar issue anywhere?

I am now planing to perform a BIOS update and hope i'll be able to change something. Also I am going to test the new GPU at a friend's to completely exclude its fault for all of this

Hopefully you didn't get bored on this long topic, because I am unable to understand why it's happening, and i am really counting on some valuable info from your side, guys!

*later Edit: If I press the power button while the BIOS screen is froze, the system will immediately turn off, only to start again 5 seconds later (i can only end this loop by waiting to boot and turn of from windows, or by turning the PSU off)

Thanks in advance!
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  1. meh community, meh technicians... i had hopes regarding tom's hardware forums.
    Got some answers on a more obscure forum and managed to fix my problem
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