Can a EVGA FTW 680 4gbs handle the gtx 770 bios/ Clockspeed

I know that the EVGA 4gb Gtx 680 has practically the same cooler as the reference model. Besides some differences i.e larger exhaust holes, and as the reference cooler for the gtx 770 is a gtx titan style cooler i'm wondering if the evga gtx 680 FTW 4gbs can handle the gtx 770 clockspeeds.
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  1. There really is only one way to find out. Overclock it!!!! :)

    Or, if you fear for your warranty being voided, check your ASIC quality before going ahead and doing any overclocking and roughly estimate if you can reach the speed or not, but an OC'ing usually means an improvement in speed and fps.
  2. Alright thanks but does anyone know if the evga warrenty gets voided if i overclock?
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    Overclocking does not void your warranty.
  4. l1ghtm4st3r said:

    Overclocking does not void your warranty.

    Thanks, But also just asking what are the significant differences between the Reference and the EVGA card. I know their are bigger exhaust ports and a backplate which should improve the temperature by about 4-8 degrees, but are their any not so obvious improvements i.e aftermarket thermal paste, modified pcb and also asking what's the Amp/ volt rail requirements for the gpu thanks,
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